Pipe set for anesthesia machine and ventilator

Product performance: it is used together with anesthesia machine and respirator to establish artificial respiratory tract.

Product Description: the artificial nose kit, namely anesthesia machine, ventilator tube set group is divided into two types according to different uses: ventilator and anesthesia machine. It is mainly composed of pipes and joints. It can be equipped with breathing air bag, mask, filter, water collecting cup, extension pipe and other accessories. According to clinical needs, it is divided into ry-1 ~ ry-11 eleven models.

The configuration of each model is as follows:

Ry-1 bellows, mask, breathing bag

Ry-2 bellows, breathing air bag, filter

Ry-3 bellows, breathing air bag

Ry-4 bellows, mask

Ry-5 bellows, filter

Ry-6 bellows

Ry-7 bellows, water collecting cup (2 pcs.), extension pipe

Ry-8 bellows, water collecting cup (2 pcs.)

Ry-9 bellows, water collecting cup (1 piece)

Ry-10 extension tube

Ry-11 bellows, mask, breathing air bag, filter

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